Hrivko is the second family name from Kristina’s mother side. Her grand-mother’s father, a great-grandfather of hers, was called Juraj Bošeľa Hrivko. He built the house shortly after the second world war. According to the records, he applied for a building permit in December of 1947 and the statement of March 1948 says the building cost was 36 000 CZK (see: currency “second Kčs”).

According to the official deeds, the plot is from 1898 whereas the main house was built by Master builder Ondrej Farkaš, from Nandráž, Revúca (todays Slovakia). 

Back then, the house was built at the outskirts of the village, on the fields towards the mountains and there were no neighbouring houses whatsoever. This can be seen on photos bellow which were taken from the top garden.

Building the house on this very location was a very conscious decision by great-grandpa, building a solid brick house outside the village to prevent the house to take fire. The village of Helpa had experienced several fires in the early 1900 hundreds, fires that spread fast and unfortunately had taken a few of his own, traditionally built wooden houses in the past.

On the photos is great-grandfather Juraj Bošeľa Hrivko and his wife Paulina to be seen. Bottom photo includes the children of their son.

Great Grandpa and Grandma
Great Grandpa and Grandma with grand children