Need a holiday for recharging the inner batteries? To enjoy the stillness of nature and to distance yourself from the daily life? Or do you want to do sports in the nature? Our charming retro-cottage, Dvor Hrivko, provides all of that.

Being located in the protection zone of three National Parks – the Low Tatras, Muránská planina and Slovak Paradise, this is a great area for hiking, discovering interesting trails, go mountain biking, trail running or skiing. It is situated quite high, but centrally in the village of Heľpa, in the Upper Hron river valley, below the Kralova Hoľa massif on the southern slopes of the Low Tatras mountains in Central Slovakia.

Lots of private space. The main house accommodates up to seven people without feeling too crowded, but can also be enjoyed by a single couple (at a lower price) and a cosy fireplace ensures that romantic stays are guaranteed. The two large bedrooms have a ceiling height of 2,65m and Internet is available in all rooms. The large privacy garden has a generous grilling area, good parking space and there is a modern Sauna available at no additional cost.

Go retro! Doing our best not to waste any resources, we recycle and reuse what we can in the ongoing renovations, not replacing or discarding items just because they are older. Our guests often comment on how lovely the retro-styled rooms are. You can feel the time standing still here and that is our intention, to keep the rustic and old-fashioned character of the cottage and the feeling of ancient times. Our cottage is nevertheless furnished with modern comforts, letting you enjoy your time off.

In embracing imperfection we show our sincere respect towards the work of our ancestors, with their often difficult life experiencing deprivation and hardship.

Cottage, woodshed and barn with stables. Dvor Hrivko consists of the main house – the cottage, a woodshed plus a barn with stables. The cottage provides approx 100m2 space on the ground floor, divided into two generous bed rooms, kitchen, a bathroom with bathtub/shower and a pantry.

The barn divides the grounds into two distinct areas, the upper garden – an orchard (cca 750m2) and the lower garden (cca 500m2). The lower garden provides privacy with a tall wooden fence and gate towards the street. The orchard have a total of 24 trees, out of which 19 are apple trees, two are cherry, two are pear and one is plum.

Front room
The front room has a great double bed (180 x 200cm), a beddable couch, working desk, wardrobe. Gas heater. Lovely views of the village and garden with its fruit trees.

Middle room
The middle room has a great double bed (180 x 200cm), a beddable couch, working desk, large wardrobe. Wood-fired stove and gas heater. Lovely light from the garden with views of the apple trees.

Smaller table for up to six. One beddable couch, gas burner (4 hobs), electric stove, old-style tiled wood-fired oven and gas heating. Pantry with one fridge/freezer, one fridge, micro-oven with grill, bean grounding coffee machine & Bialetti Moka Express, Tchibo Cafissimo Capsule coffee machine , electric kettle, toaster, raclette grill, slow cooker, cocktail shaker set, large goulash pots, insulated tea and coffee flasks, plus more.

Located in the adjoining woodshed, our modern sauna is generous and has space for four adults. Its 6kW electric heating stove ensures proper heat for serious Sauna baths.

This is a child-friendly location and the garden is closed-off from the street and neighbours. A baby-seat is available. Nearby hills in the village provide ample opportunities for smaller children to ski or go by sled.

Pets are welcome. Dvor Hrivko is a dog friendly location with lower garden fenced-off. Our dogs love the hikes up the mountains just at the outskirts of the village. Dog blankets are available. But, none of our four-legged friends are allowed in the beds.

Our own parking is on the lot and can easily take three large cars. More parking space outside the gates. The main entrance gate allows for entry of vehicles with max 3.6m width x 2.95m in height.

Free 15/2mbit Internet available with WiFi in all rooms.

Bikes / MTB
Mountain bikes will be available for rent at a later stage. Right now, please do bring your own bikes, or you may want to check with the biking store in Brezno.

More activities in and around Heľpa and Low Tatras
For more of “what to do” in and around Heľpa, please see the page Location.

Make a reservation
If you are interested in staying at Dvor Hrivko, please use the online booking page to place your reservation. We will then get back to you promptly.

Floor Plan

Hrivko House Floor Plan
Hrivko House Floor Plan

Cottage photos from family archive

Interior and Garden